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When the infinitely small signifies breads with unique flavors and textures

A 6 micrometer micro-organism that is invisible to the naked eye, yeast plays an essential role in regulating the aromatic and fermentation activity of bread. It is also the backbone of a group that has become a global reference in its domain. A historical partner of baking professionals, both Lesaffre and our line of yeasts have grown and evolved alongside them. Inspired by local practices, Lesaffre’s bakers yeasts come in liquid, compressed, crumbled, dehydrated and freeze-dried forms, and are each remarkable for their performance, purity and stability. They are ready-to-use or customizable solutions that allow artisan and industrial bakers the world over to produce better bread, more easily. But, above all, they also fulfill a key mission, offering consumers more flavor, better enjoyment and improved health.

Compressed yeast


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From discovery to mastery

Knowledge of bakers yeast has advanced significantly since 1857, when Louis Pasteur demonstrated the vital role of yeast in the fermentation process. Strains of bread yeasts have been isolated, multiplied and combined. The Lesaffre team has thoroughly mastered these yeasts, derived from living micro-organisms, which have become selective, stabilized ferments for bakers wanting to enjoy the benefits of choice fermenting activity and aromatic profiles that are controlled and constant all year round, regardless of the environment.

And progress continues today, for example, in the field of screening techniques. In recent years, they have helped to further refine the selection of yeast strains and the identification of profiles with the greatest potential for specific, sought-after characteristics like fermentation speed, flavor notes, resistance to osmotic pressure, and so on.

Performance modeled on local practices

In bread yeast, as in our other business domains, Lesaffre is on a quest for excellence: to guarantee efficient, cutting-edge fermentation solutions that are up to the task of our clients’ issues. Lesaffre strives to understand and incorporate every aspect of local practices, so as to offer a vast scope of use for our yeasts, and solutions for bread-makers that are suitable for different:

  • flour substrates (wheat, rye, buckwheat, etc.) and ingredients (sugar, fat, etc.)
  • fermentation processes and types: short, long, blocked, freeze-dried, sponge & dough, etc.
  • applications: crusty breads, sweet breads, Viennese baked goods, flatbreads, pizzas, steamed breads, etc.
  • desired effects: personalized aromatic signature, light or intense, preservative effect, etc.

Baking Yeasts: taste generators

Just like sourdoughs, yeasts are fermentation agents that play a leading role. By partially consuming the sugar in flour, they produce not only carbon dioxide and ethanol, which help the bread to rise in the oven, but also a large number of valuable molecules – more than 200 in total – that make up the much sought-after flavor of baked goods.

The quantity of flavor molecules produced varies, depending on production parameters (flours, ingredients, hydration, fermentation time, etc.), but also on the particular metabolism of the yeast. This is a measure of how crucial Lesaffre’s expertise in strain and fermentation selection is for bakers wishing to offer taste and enjoyment to their consumers.

Yeast, in all its forms

The yeast cream produced by Lesaffre fermenters is processed to create different types of yeasts. Filtering and drying, designed to extract some or all of the water, gives each of them a dry mass percentage that is appropriate to their use and to their expected shelf lives.

Today, Lesaffre markets ready-to-use liquid yeasts ideal for automatic dosing, yeasts in block or crumbled form, ready-to-use instant dry yeasts, active dry yeasts for rehydration before incorporation into the mixer, and frozen-dry yeasts for frozen dough (frozen-semi-dry yeasts).