Our baking jobs

Our baking jobs

At Lesaffre, bakers are multifunctional! They have access to a broad scope of work in which to showcase their expertise. They can exercise their skill sets in various positions such as Baking Center trainers, R&D bakers, baking consultants, as well as technical process optimization advisers working with our traditional bakery clients, etc.

Example: Baking Technician at Lesaffre

The baking technician acts as the liaison between Lesaffre and its bakery clients, when it comes to innovation. The BT’s mission is to identify all of the potential ways to improve manufacturing processes, as well as to organize the finalization of experimental protocols and equipment testing.

Benoît, Technical bakery advisor at Lesaffre explains his job :

Rewarding missions

When conducting bread-making trials, your expertise plays a decisive role in the quality of the research and development work undertaken by Lesaffre. As the face of the company, you fulfill a key function in our dealings with clients. By compiling and communicating client needs, you actively participate in guiding the direction of upcoming projects. You also work in synergy with our sales teams, producing technical aids for bakers around the world.

Applicant profile

  • You hold a qualification in Baking: advanced diploma or vocational training certificate + technician’s diploma
  • Proficiency in conducting bread-making trials according to a protocol: evaluating the rise of the dough, defining optimal hydration levels and kneading time, and judging dough (sensory aspects) and bread
  • Strong interpersonal and customer service skills