Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management
A well-managed supply chain can be a key added value in a diversified business like ours.

About the role

In supply chain management, sales and operations planning (S&OP) is a dynamic, multi-faceted process.

Building strong relationships throughout the supply chain, achieving the right balance in pursuing the business strategy, measuring performance, anticipating market and customer needs… Our group’s S&OP network makes that possible, by communicating and working cross-functionally with our other teams (sales, logistics, front office…). So this means that the job doesn’t just require a passion for statistics and proficiency in ERP tools – people skills are also a must.

our offer to you

S&OP teams at Lesaffre ensure we build relationships based on trust, transparency, and reliable information flows, in-house and throughout the business.

S&OP expertise not only gives us perspective on current processes, numbers, and the customer experience, it enables us to plan ahead to anticipate future demand. This ultimately lets us focus our resources on the right products and solutions in each business unit, region, and market.



There is still plenty to be done within this relatively new department, which is just a few years old and still in the creation phase.

You won’t just be involved in process execution and flow optimization – you can have a real impact by proposing solutions to help create and transform the department and its processes.