Ongoing, collaborative innovation

usine Fala Lesaffre

At Lesaffre, R&D is a driver of our group’s success. Preparing for the future means adopting a proactive, collaborative, responsible attitude toward innovation, with full awareness of the stakes and real needs out in the field. With pragmatism and agility, Lesaffre offers technical and industrial solutions for our clients’ innovation processes.

In the name of progress

At Lesaffre, innovation essentially amounts to introducing a number of new aspects, in terms of uses, habits, scientific systems, etc., and to going beyond the invention and discovery stage to encompass the concrete implementation of technical and industrial solutions. We do not undertake projects that might endanger the 570 dedicated Research and Development staff members working for the group, but have instead adopted a proactive position based on needs in the field and on the necessity of improving our products and simplifying the lives of the people who use them. Traditionally, this position has enabled Lesaffre to satisfy its clients and, as a result, to sustain its growth. If innovation is the sinew of war, it is also the group’s heart and soul, and one of its main sources of pride.

Lesaffre, investing in tomorrow

To differentiate itself, Lesaffre:

  • employs more than 570 R&D experts actively collaborating with some 60 universities and research centers all over the world;
  • invests a significant portion of its turnover in research on improving its products and manufacturing processes.

Our common goal is to supply high-quality products with guaranteed, proven performance and security levels.

Innovation: our strongest asset supporting our clients and our markets