Human care
来宾, China
Contract type
Fix term contract
1 to 3 years

Job description

The Lab Engineer priority will be to perform and coordinate the hands-on lab work. He/She will participate as a member of the local Procelys application team as a contributor on project development and prioritization, experimental designs and in representation of Procelys technical knowledge.



Master Degree in Microbiology, Fermentation Science, Biochemical Engineering or related field.

ONE Year Laboratory experience in R&D or application development in industrial biotechnology/fermentation, preferably from the bio-ingredients field (hyaluronic acid, amino acids, enzymes, biopharma, dairy cultures, probiotics, etc.) would be a plus.


To perform the job successfully, the Lab Engineer should demonstrate a good hands-on knowledge of industrial biotechnology, fermentation science and in running daily fermentation lab operations. He/She is well known for his/her comfort in the use of experimental planning including DOE, orthogonal methods and statistical software.

The Lab Engineer can build strong relationship with other internal departments. He/she should be curious, creative and eager to learn and investigate new things. His/Her strongness is his/her ability to synthesize and interpret a variety of technical instructions in using time efficiently.


English: Intermediate written and verbal comprehension and communication (CET 4).

French will be a plus.

Company description

法国乐斯福集团广西来宾工厂包括广西丹宝利酵母有限公司和广西一品鲜生物科技有限公司,位于广西来宾市河西工业园区内,距离来宾市区有半个小时车程。它们是由法国乐斯福集团和东糖集团于2006年共同投资成立并于2009年底正式投产,是自治区人民政府和来宾市重点建设项目。 主要经营范围有:生产、加工和销售酵母及酵母提取物系列产品。酵母产品主要用于面包、馒头、饼干的发酵和酒精、白酒及食醋的酿造工艺;一品鲜酵母抽提物主要用于酱油、鸡精和方便面调料的配制等。 目前来宾工厂已完成第五期扩建,拥有员工约450人,年产高活性酵母约4.8万吨、生物肥约5万吨、酵母抽提物约1.2万吨。我们的目标是把来宾工厂建立成为乐斯福集团在中国的标杆工厂。