Job area
Research & Development
Marcq-en-Barœul, France
Contract type
Permanent Contract
3 to 5 years

Job description

In the context of its ambitious technological program to foster the use and valorization of data across the company, Lesaffre seeks to accelerate developing its data delivery capabilities and competences.

The Full-stack AI software engineer will join a team with several outstanding and senior profiles (data scientists, Full-stack AI software engineers) . The Full-stack AI software engineer is a doer data an AI expert, playing a key role in the development and industrialization of Lesaffre group data stack and use cases. She/he will be part of “features team” that deliver   data products on a state-of-art data stack, with various business domains and geographies across the company, such as:

  • Factory 4.0 data projects to optimize the production processes in the factories of Lesaffre, and involving real-time factory sensor data
  • Data projects linked to state-of-art R&D regarding the expertise domains of Lesaffre (e.g., complex yeast strain screening, AI for genomics engineering, fermentation modulization etc..)
  • All relevant other data projects to optimize the group operations (supply chain optimization, demand sensing, etc.)


Main responsibilities

  • The Full-stack AI software engineer manages the industrialization, the deployment and the monitoring of the data use cases in production        

o             Build the data pipeline and setup the orchestration

o             Manage the deployment and monitor the run

o             Ensure ML ops tasks when relevant

o             Ensure accessibility to users and scalability of the data product

  • The Full-stack AI software engineer plays a central role in ingesting the data and exposing the results

o             Co-develop data flows with the Group Data Architect

o             Connect to internal systems and ingest the underlying data

o             Collect external data from dedicated API/web scraping

o             Expose the results in the API

  • The Full-stack AI software engineer develops data use cases and supports on the implementation of best practices

o             Develop core modules of the data products

o             Ensure the best practices via tests, typing, virtual environments, etc.

o             Design the data project and data storage structures


  • Master’s degree or PhD in engineering, science, computer science, computer engineering
  • At least 3 years of experience on relevant roles (data engineer, machine learning engineer, software engineer).
  • Hands-on experience with implementing data products and software engineering
  • Previous experience with Research/technical/industrial data use cases or in industrial companies is a plus.


Technical skills

Data ingestion, database and storage:

o             Experience in data storage and data modeling

o             Experience with at least one SQL database (e.g., MySQL, Oracle) with great understanding of data pipeline

o             Experience with at least one NoSQL database (e.g., MongoDB, Cassandra)

o             Experience in data ingestion and data pipeline orchestration

o             Experience in external data extraction and data exposition technics (e.g., API setup, web scraping)

Data products and software development:

o             Experience of at least one Cloud provider (e.g., AWS, Azure, OVH, GCP), with experience in deploying data products in production

o             Good knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud infrastructure tools

o             Knowledge of the common CI / CD tools (e.g., Travis, Jenkins)

o             First experience of ML Ops project is a plus

o             Ideally knowledge of PaaS technologies for Machine Learning (e.g., Dataiku, Domino, Databricks, etc.)

Database and storage:

o             Strong programming experience in Python using virtual environment, typing, debugging, logging and testing

o             Experience in collaborative tools (e.g., git)

o             Experience in deployment in production of data use case and/or AI model in production on Cloud (e.g., AWS, Azure, OVH, GCP)

o             Ideally experience with R and/or Kafka


Other skills

● Strong problem-solving skills

● Business oriented and good communication skills

● Demonstrated ability to solve in autonomy new technical issues from experience and documentation

● Full English proficiency. French proficiency is a plus.

Company description

 A key global player in fermentation for more than a century, Lesaffre, with a 2,2 billion euro turnover, and established on all continents, counts 10,700 employees and more than 85 nationalities. On the strength of this experience and diversity, we work with customers, partners and researchers to find ever more relevant answers to the needs of food, health, naturalness and respect for our environment. Thus, every day, we explore and reveal the infinite potential of microorganisms.

To nourish 10 billion people, in a healthy way, in 2050 by making the most of our planet’s resources is a major and unprecedented issue. We believe that fermentation is one of the most promising answers to this challenge.

Lesaffre – Working together to better nourish and protect the planet