Job area
Research & Development
Marquette-lez-Lille, France
Contract type
Permanent Contract
+10 years

Job description

Lesaffre’s corporate R&D is located at the brand new Lesaffre International Campus, the “Forum”, a state-of-the-art facility covering 23000m² and bringing together over 700 employees from Corporate R&D organization and the various business units of the company. The corporate R&D Fermentation team is looking for an experienced Scientist. Her/his contribution will span from the development to the improvement of new and existing fermentation processes, as well as exploring new technologies to serve the baking, health and nutrition industries and businesses, as well as more and more sustainable processes and products. Representing fermentation within multidisciplinary projects, this eager, passionate, and improvement-driven colleague, will translate customers/strategy needs into work proposals to reach potential solutions. Alongside with a small technical team and complementary scientific discipline teams, s/he will then steer the experimental work process from design till reporting, enabling the good progress and decision-taking of the project, as well as deliver to the industrialization phase of the developed processes. S/he will also contribute to the know-how expansion, and the performance and quality improvements of the team. Participation in academic collaborations, is in scope of the application as well.

Key responsibilities:

  • Connect, collect, and synthesize scientific and business information
  • Design, plan, execute, analyze, and report benchtop experiments
  • Present the results to the team and external parties
  • Identify and submit IP opportunities
  • Transfer to pilot and manufacturing entities and secure aftercare and support
  • Contribute to peer reviews and colleagues’ development
  • Play an active role in the lab life and fermentation steering team


Our preference:

  • Education in biotechnology-related field with strong experience in microbiology, physiology, screening equipment, and bioreactors operation
  • Master with >10 years of relevant experience (>7 years if PhD). Relevant experience: executing/designing lab/pilot experiments, team coaching, interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Convincing adaptability, curiosity and learning capacity, and continuous improvement mindset
  • Drive to bring solutions on time and with expected quality

What could make the difference

  • Good computational skills and familiarity with DoE, statistics, data management and visualization tools; affinity for programming, bioinformatics, CFD or techno-economic modelling is desirable; experience with high-throughput systems, flow cytometry, microfluidics or multi-omics approaches, experience with manufacturing world
  • Reader/audience-oriented communication skills
  • Good English level, spoken and written

Company description

A key global player in fermentation for more than a century, Lesaffre, with a 2,2 billion euro turnover, and established on all continents, counts 10,700 employees and more than 85 nationalities. On the strength of this experience and diversity, we work with customers, partners and researchers to find ever more relevant answers to the needs of food, health, naturalness and respect for our environment. Thus, every day, we explore and reveal the infinite potential of microorganisms.

To nourish 10 billion people, in a healthy way, in 2050 by making the most of our planet’s resources is a major and unprecedented issue. We believe that fermentation is one of the most promising answers to this challenge.