Job area
Malang, Indonesia
Contract type
Permanent Contract
5 to 10 years

Job description

  • Accountable for overall management of Electrical & Preventive Maintenance activities for Electricity & Automation.
  • Responsible for management and transfer of electrical maintenance department staff
  • Arrange maintenance activities of electrical equipment; and organize technical innovation and safety measures;
  • Give out improvement protocols for electrical problems and supervise the implementation;
  • Supervises electrical and preventive maintenance operation (for electricity & automation activities).
  • Organizes periodical equipment examinations, and resolve small accidents on-time; and arrange equipment maintenance together with production workshops;
  •  Examines equipment conditions and give out their maintenance periods;
  • Implements preventive maintenance system and implementation assurance system, in the scope of his accountability
  • Collaborates organizing training programs (electricity & automation) for the plant crew.
  • Collaborates in the functional analysis of the automated process.
  • Organizes the structure of information in terms of coding and equipment calibration.
  • Supports the calibration procedures of the industrial measurement equipment following the company’s SOP’s.
  • Develops the Automation crew ensuring knowledge on edge technologies.
  • Performs risk assessment on the plant PLCs and ensures back up for both software and hardware.
  • Joints the OT reference team at the level of Lesaffre Group.
  • Supports both development and implementation of software at the industrial level.
  • Responsible of the development of robotic technologies, especially co-bots.

EHS Responsibility

  • To guarantee a safety and environment protection on the basis of the best time and costs
  • To execute the responsibilities herein in accordance with safety and environment protection regulations



  • Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering / Telecomunication   or relevant background on Technical
  • Minimum 5 years of related experience in Electrical Engineering / Maintenance Area / Automation experience is a must, S7 programming is a must.
  • Have at least 3 years work experience in global Food, Beverage or Pharmaceutical company, or relevant industry especially on Electrical Engineering / Maintenance to supervision team with same role
  • High level of motivation, open-minded, flexible, pragmatic, creative, autonomous, Critical thinker and problem-solving skills
  • Proficiency in both written & Verbal in English communication & local language is required.
  • Special Technical Expertise: Microsoft Office (Ms. Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Cost Management, Indonesian Regulation
  • SAP experience might be an advantage.
  • CMMS experienced.

Company description

As a Global Worldwide Leading Player in Yeasts and Fermentation, Lesaffre Group designs, manufactures and markets innovative solutions for Baking, Food taste & pleasure, Health care and Biotechnology. Lesaffre, is a Family Private Company born in northern of France in 1853 which becomes now a multi-national and a multicultural well recognized Worldwide Company. Lesaffre is committed to working with confidence to better nourish and protect the planet.

Lesaffre Sari Nusa (LSN) is an affiliate legal entity of Lesaffre Group. It is a new Yeast manufacturing company incorporated beginning of 2020, under its construction phase for an Operational start-up scheduled beginning of 2023.