Shanghai, China
Contract type
Fix term contract
1 to 3 years

Job description


(70%)Service of receptionist

Responsible for the company's daily administrative and logistics work, including switchboard professional answer, visitor reception, office management, office supplies and consumables management, meal ordering, labor insurance benefits, fax copy, mail express, desk calendar business card brochure printing, etc.

  • Answer the switchboard, transfer the phone, manage the registration and deliver, and make timely and accurate connection
  • Reception and registration of visitors
  • Business card envelope and letter paper, office supplies application, sending and receiving company express mail, newspaper and fax, and doing registration management and forwarding work;
  • Responsible for the application of administrative materials, limited scope of procurement, storage, distribution and other management, and strict control of operating costs
  • Daily consultation with employees
  • Cooperate with HR to prepare new employee package, and make office nameplates and door plates.
  • Conference room management. Coordinate the meeting time ,arrange the room,  manage the meeting room environment as well as the preparation and service for the meeting
  • Responsible for the environment maintenance of the office, ensuring the safety and normal operation of equipment (including duplicators, air conditioners, attendance machines and other equipment)
  • Responsible for the management of some company files, maintain and manage fixed assets, and the management of logistics materials in the administrative warehouse
  • Optimize administration and other related work to improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs

(20%)Office cleaning, greening management and equipment inventory

  • Conduct daily inspection on the safety and health of the company hall, timely notify relevant personnel for rectification, and ensure the hall is clean, tidy and safe
  • Check and manage the hardware facilities and articles in the office and conference room to ensure that they are clean and in good condition

(5%)Supplier management of other related projects

  • Daily communication and management with Industrial park and property management company

(5%)Performance assessment, expense and reports management

  • Performance assessment, expense and statement management
  • Monthly service report

Company description

Lesaffre group was founded in 1853, a French group based in Northern France has now become a multi-national and a multicultural company that is committed to providing the best in each of its business areas: baking, nutrition and health, flavours and fermentation.

Lesaffre started its business in China over 30 years ago. Beyond yeast and bread improvers, Lesaffre offers a full range of products and services related to nutrition and health: yeast extracts for food savory and high performance nutrients for micro-organism and cell cultures, yeasts and other probiotics for human and animal nutrition, crop protection, yeasts for beer, wines, and renewable fuels, etc.

In 2010, Lesaffre Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was set up to manage Lesaffre’s business in China, from human resources, sales& marketing, to finance and operation management.
China headquarter: based in Shanghai, managing all Lesaffre business in China
5 regional sales offices: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenyang and Hong Kong, managing business, implementing marketing initiatives and providing sales services to our customers in China, Hong Kong & Taiwan
4 baking centers: in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, providing R&D and technical support, training and technical services to our customers.
5 modernized plants: Anhui Mingguang, Guangxi Laibin, Guangxi Chongzuo.

For more information about our company, please visit our website: