Lesaffre continues its efforts in the field of CSR and wins an EcoVadis silver medal.

On a daily basis, we combine our knowledge of microorganisms with our fermentation and bioprocessing expertise for the benefit of human and animal health, and the protection of our environment.

At Lesaffre, our CSR commitments are based on 3 pillars and 9 material challenges.

Since 2021, we have sought to challenge and consolidate our CSR actions through an EcoVadis assessment: the global benchmark for corporate CSR ratings. In 2023, Lesaffre was awarded a silver medal with a score of 59/100 (+14 points compared to 2022), placing it in the top 20% of companies assessed worldwide.

In addition to winning this EcoVadis medal, the results obtained will enable us to improve and reinforce our efforts on a daily basis.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility activities are in line with our mission, and revolve mainly around three pillars:

Taking care of employees

  • Employee health and safety: Improving the safety culture in striving towards zero accidents
  • Training, development and work environment: foster the commitment of our employees by enabling them to develop professionally in a safe and inclusive working environment.

Producing and maintaining responsible relationships with our partners in a sustainable way

  • Products, services and eco-design: Guaranteeing the food safety of our products while improving their circularity
  • Business ethics: Maintaining ethical business relationships with all stakeholders
  • Responsible purchasing: Buying sustainable products and services from responsible suppliers

Respecting our environment

  • Sustainable agriculture and biodiversity: Playing an active role in the agricultural transition by developing solutions with a positive impact
  • Climate Change: Reducing the carbon footprint of our value chain
  • Water and marines resources: Reducing our water consumption by focusing on reducing groundwater consumption
  • Pollution and waste management: Reducing pollution and promoting the circular economy

Our commitments are not limited to the objectives of our Group. They are also in line with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In fact, we have identified 9 material sustainability issues which we have integrated into our 3 CSR pillars and which are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Analysis of double materiality

The Group has updated its materiality analysis according to the principle of double materiality. The last version dated from 2018.

This double materiality analysis has enabled us to identify and prioritize the most relevant CSR issues for Lesaffre. We thus jointly crossed financial materiality and impact materiality.

We began by drawing up a list of ESG issues relevant to our business sector. To do this, we surveyed our internal and external stakeholders and took into account themes required by current and future regulations (NFRD1, CSRD2, European Green Taxonomy), subjects identified by international reporting initiatives (MSCI3, SASB4, GRI5).

This work made it possible to identify the nine material sustainability challenges, listed above, from the point of view of Lesaffre’s actual and potential impacts on the environment and society. The dual materiality analysis focuses on the raw sustainability issues, which means that it does not take into account any of the identified risk mitigation measures that the Group has already been implementing for many years.

Constantly evolving actions

Through the EcoVadis assessment and thanks to the commitment of our employees, monitoring progress is a daily challenge to ensure that our CSR actions are constantly evolving. In this way, we are able to constantly improve at Group level, in order to embody our mission: working together to better nourish and protect the planet.

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