Fertispring by Agrauxine: the yeast-based fertiliser

With Fertispring®, Agrauxine by Lesaffre is further developing its range of biosolutions to support crop production. Recently approved in France for agronomic use, this bionutrition additive can be added to fertilisers or growing media to improve soil fertility. Plus, it can also boost crop growth by promoting root and leaf development, as well as flowering. Fertispring® can thus be used in either organic or conventional farming to increase yield and resilience in the crop production sector, and so contributes to the transition towards agroecology, an approach valued by Agrauxine.
Key figure
The metabolic activity of microorganisms is stimulated by 13%

The farming sector is undergoing major change to meet the challenge of feeding the world’s growing population without harming the environment. Agrauxine’s latest innovation, which is the result of years of research and development, was developed to support this shift in farming methods. Fertispring® works well with fertilisers or growing substrates to enhance plant nutrient uptake while promoting plant growth. 


Stimulating biological activity in the soil 

Made of inactivated yeast cells, Fertispring® supports soil microorganisms and stimulates microbial life. Laboratory tests have shown that this agronomic additive has the potential to promote growth of soil bacteria and fungi by 10% and 9%, respectively, while stimulating their metabolic activity by 13%. The two combined effects will stimulate the mineralisation of soil organic matter, therefore increasing the amount of nutrients that can be directly taken up by plants. 


Evidence of agronomic benefits 

This novel solution can help to boost crop growth (i.e. roots and leaves). Fertispring® was tested on different types of crops, such as lettuce, eggplants, tomatoes, wheat, cultivated turf and ornamental plants. Tests were performed in-house, at Agrauxine, and externally, by industry partners with environmental certification recognising their commitment to best practice. The results showed that using Fertispring® could increase the biomass of roots and leaves by an average of 10%. 


Promoting the transition towards agroecology 

Based on the excellent results obtained during testing, Fertispring® has already proven itself as a leading solution in the booming crop bionutrition market. This agronomic additive is formulated as a heat-stable, wettable fine powder that can be easily added to fertilisers or substrates. When used for field crops, specialty crops or cultivated turf in organic or conventional farming, Fertispring® can make soil more alive and promotes plant growth. By increasing crop yield, players in the crop production industry can develop more efficient and sustainable farming methods. 

The launch of Fertispring® is the result of years of work on the microbial life of soils. It opens a new chapter for Agrauxine.
Bénédicte Bonnet
Bionutrition Product Manager at Agrauxine