The Lesaffre Campus

The Lesaffre Campus is born from the will to express what Lesaffre is: an innovative, close, locally anchored, open to the world and environmentally friendly company.

Inaugurated in October 2022, the Lesaffre Campus enables the 700 collaborators from the surroundings of Lille to be reunited in a single place. This Lesaffre Campus will be an innovation booster for the group, in order to offer sustainable, natural and unlimited solutions for nutrition , health and environment.

The heart of an innovative company
a tool to boost innovation and to accomplish Lesaffre’s mission

The biggest BioFoundry
in Europe

13 000 square meters

equipped with cutting-edge technologies

13 000 <sub>square meters</sub>


of the Lesaffre Campus dedicated to research labs

excellence centers
knowledge center
technological halls

Through the creation of the Campus, Lesaffre wanted to equip the group with a new place matching its R&D ambitions.

Actually, 60% of the Lesaffre Campus area are dedicated to research labs and industrial pilots. The new facilities also provide the company collaborators with new R&D cutting-edge equipments that are amongst the most efficient.

Fermentation is a spontaneous process initiated by microorganisms that Lesaffre has been mastering on an industrial scale for 170 years. The Lesaffre Campus is a tool focused on innovation in order to serve this expertise. The advanced facilities of the Campus – like the biggest BioFoundry in Europe, will let us accelerate our research regarding the human and animal nutrition sectors as well as for the health, the environmental protection, the energy production and the industrial biotechnologies. Our R&D approach is based on these emerging cutting-edge technologies, supported by an historical knowledge and, most of all, by the expertise of passionate and committed teams. The Campus boosted synergies within R&D teams as well as with other professions will enable more sharing and agility on a day-to-day basis and contribute to this innovation.

Christine M’Rini Puel
Lesaffre Chief R&D Officer


With its innovative architecture and technological capacities, the Lesaffre Campus encourages new ways of working that make synergies and teamwork easier. Sharing good practices, pooling equipments, developing partnerships, sharing know-hows: the architecture of the building in itself has been designed to boost these new work methods. All our employees can now make the most of collective intelligence to innovate more, faster and better.

The Campus is not only a work and research place, it is a real living place where we can talk, meet, work in a calm, inspiring and serene atmosphere.

Brice-Audren Riché
Lesaffre CEO

A virtuous design: Fitting in the environment and protecting its resources

The Lesaffre Campus has been designed to comply with the environmental and energy performance standards, in accordance with Lesaffre’s mission. All the buildings are energy efficient. They have been thought out to be bioclimatic, energy efficient while preserving comfort in winter as well as in summer thanks to air treatment stations with an 85% efficiency rate to heat or cool down the premises. The Campus offers a place that fits in its environment, and that respects its wildlife and plant life.


Optimal thermal comfort

With a view to be energy efficient

Air treatment stations: 85% efficiency rate to heat or cool down the place

Rainwater collection



A 19 hectares park filled with greenery

+150 plant species inventored

+ 600 plants, trees and shrubs planted



+175 bikes shelter

Access to the pedestrian towpath

550 parking spots, including 40 electric vehicles charging stations