Quality that has earned the trust of clients and consumers


Honoring our status as a worldwide reference in the field of yeast production and processing, Lesaffre has always placed performance and quality at the top of its priorities. From client requests to releases of finished products, our group aims to be exemplary, through the application of a global quality assurance policy.

Rolled out to all of our subsidiaries – and served by 55 in-house control labs – our quality management program meets the strictest requirements. It allows Lesaffre to produce stable, consistent yeasts, while ensuring product traceability and optimal health and safety levels. We combine this shared culture of best practices and client requirements with healthy, high-quality foods that can be safely consumed by the world’s populations.

A quality approach that follows a virtuous circle

At Lesaffre, quality is a common denominator for all of our staff, activities, businesses and departments. It is present at each stage of production:

  • Guiding the client in their choice of a product which can provide a guarantee of food safety and performance in line with the intended processes;
  • Selecting raw ingredients for their unique features, consistency, availability, price-quality ratio;
  • Offering manufactured products worldwide that follow standardized methods (procedures, risk assessments);
  • Applying numerous control processes to simulate product aging, check performance levels and confirm release to the market;
  • Determining transportation, storage, traceability and conservation conditions which will help ensure the products’ properties remain intact through delivery;
  • Monitoring customer satisfaction, in the interest of ongoing improvements.

Best traceability and food safety practices

Since our creation, Lesaffre has been very strict in matters of consumer safety and product quality. Our group was one of the first in the agri-food sector to create structures dedicated to product and service quality. A major priority for many years now, Lesaffre have perfected a traceability system by means of technological developments and in response to our industrial clients’ requests.

Lesaffre was the first yeast manufacturer to have its quality assurance systems certified by independent third parties. Our QA systems meet the highest international standards for quality, health and safety in food products: BRC, IFS, API, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, FAMI-QS, GMP B2, organic, etc. Lesaffre’s HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) approach is an illustration of the group’s commitment, and dedication, applied to our finished goods.

Technological progress in the service of quality

With our commitment to ongoing improvement, Lesaffre monitors the bacteriological quality of all of our products, renowned for their regularity and stability. Our mastery of fermentation processes is one of our greatest strengths. Another is our ability to adapt our industrial machines and our production teams’ skill sets in response to the technical developments in automation and industrial computing which have occurred over the last 40 years.

These innovations have fostered our extremely detailed management of production parameters under optimal health and hygiene conditions. All of Lesaffre’s progress is in step with our pursuit of excellence and achievement of customer satisfaction.