Innovating for tomorrow

Innovating for tomorrow

Let’s do what’s never been done before! With this mantra, Lesaffre affirms the flagship role of R&D in our growth policy and, what is more, our aim of responding to the planet’s biggest issues by taking up any future challenges in the field of health and nutrition. As a result, Lesaffre’s R&D strategy focuses on innovative areas capable of achieving two strategic targets: anticipating the food requirements, wishes and practices of tomorrow, including their geographic and cultural variants, and demonstrating the inexhaustible benefits of food as a source of day-to-day health and wellness. When combined with our expertise in fermentation, this avant-garde innovative spirit allows Lesaffre to respond to the growing expectations of an international clientele and to enjoy competitive assets for developing our business lines.

Lesaffre R&D: a clear vision of the future

At Lesaffre, innovation is not limited to the 570 people dedicated to R&D activities. It is, in fact, a pillar of our corporate culture. All employees, each in their own area of expertise, are expected to be active participants, whether they are a member of a marketing team or an industrial department.

Because the performance of our industrial machine is inseparable from our quest for progress, Lesaffre invests in improving our products and manufacturing processes every year. Sustained investments allow us to offer the best in new technologies and services to companies in the fields of baking, agri-foods, pharmaceuticals, wine-making, energy farming and more, while continuing to improve our environmental-friendliness.

Reinforcing Lesaffre’s assets in the health and nutrition and bioethanol sectors has encouraged our R&D to concentrate on two priority areas of research: the development of strains suited to our group’s new businesses and the identification of yeast-derived molecules with strong potential.

Partnerships to create the products of tomorrow

The infinite potential of organic yeasts and yeast by-products is a strong asset for developing the healthy foods and products of the future. Lesaffre’s R&D could not conceive of creating them without a full understanding of the market’s needs and practices around the world or without an approach that is primarily customer-oriented, over and above delivery of the final product. The products and processes that Lesaffre co-develops with our clients are one example of this and can be expected to increase in number going forward.

Over the course of our history and our advancement, Lesaffre has confirmed that diversity and open-mindedness can help to accelerate the pace of innovation. In this way, our group plans to continue to reinforce our connection to the world, to open ourselves up to new ways of thinking, and to build strong outside partnerships, for both scientific and industrial purposes. All of these growth initiatives are designed to expand our range of yeasts, yeast by-products and associated services, to improve our processes and technologies, and so on.
Lesaffre has a key resource on which we can rely in order to supply our clients around the world with the most financially viable products and solutions on the market: the committed, imaginative talent of our R&D teams.