Our applied science centers

Our applied   science centers

A co-development approach, from project to product

We have become experts in local cultures, consumer tastes and market trends in order to design truly tailored operational solutions. Our network is finely tuned to monitor changes in tastes, markets, products, techniques and processes all over the world. This global presence allows us to provide invaluable insight that drives our customers’ innovative projects. In our activities related to food taste and pleasure, we draw upon our expertise in sensory analysis and our scientific methodology (panels of experts, tasting booths and specialist statistical software) to tailor products to consumer tastes.


Our application centers 

The first Lesaffre Baking Center™ opened its doors in France in 1974, ready to partner with industry players, strengthen collaboration and drive innovation. Over the years, our applied science centers network dedicated to baking has grown alongside new areas of expertiseSo we have applied this concept of applied science laboratories to our other activities in food, beverages, animal and plant care… Today, our experienced, multicultural technicians in our 63 application centers around the world can pinpoint the needs and particular features of every country in which we operate. We understand that every product launch is a challenge; as such, our teams make on-site visits and provide start-to-finish customer support. Discover the diversity of our application centers:   

  • The Baking Center™ network welcomes clients from all backgrounds, including master bakers, industrial producers, distributors and R&D teams. We work together to pave the way for new processes and ingredient formulations that improve baking, as well as new yeasts and sourdoughs. Through various training courses, we encourage joint projects and create enduring relationships based on trust.  
  • Culinary Centers at Biospringer: A network created to support our customers in formulating food and beverage recipes using yeast extract. Our experts are committed to providing customized solutions and recommendations based on their expertise in food formulation and yeast extract.  
  • The Farm at Phileo: A platform for knowledge transfer and scientific expertise, developing innovative solutions to meet the ethical, health and performance challenges facing the livestock industry in the years to come. 
  • Plant Care Center at Agrauxine: A life-size laboratory, constructed to test plant care solutions in the same conditions as those experienced by end users. 
  • The Labs at Procelys: Application labs dedicated to the study of bio-nutrients for microbial and cell culture applications. The labs have proven expertise in new fermentation/bioprocess development and are dedicated to providing solutions for customer applications. 
  • Green lab at Leaf: An application laboratory that makes it possible to simulate small-scale commercial fermentation conditions. Our yeasts are tested on different musts used by our customers in order to determine the optimal conditions for ethanol production. 
  • Powder studio at LIS: A human-scale applied research and development laboratory that builds on our solid experience in dryability and formulation. It offers optimal conditions to help customers industrialize their projects.