Innovating for Tomorrow

Innovating  for Tomorrow

At Lesaffre, our innovative spirit is pervasive and deeply ingrained in our DNA. We believe that for anything to be considered truly innovative it must be useful and it must also evolve. This is why we place the user experience at the heart of everything we do. We believe that innovation is a process. It needs to be nurtured and be given the space to develop ౼ and at times fail ౼ and it needs to be constantly reinvented to respond to ever changing customer and stakeholder needs.

Our employees and subsidiaries across the globe share our vision: that entrepreneurship, trust and passion drive innovation. Together, they actively participate in encouraging innovation in every part of our business, from industry to R&D to sensory analysis. We are a future-minded company and we believe that we have a vital role to play in nourishing and protecting the health and wellbeing of as many people as possible.

A history of innovation

For generations, our commitment to innovation has driven us to explore the infinite potential of microorganisms and their positive impact on the health and nutrition of humans, animals and plants. With 700 R&D experts, 3 science-focused research platforms and 63 applied science centers and external collaborations, we push ourselves every day to find answers to the planet’s biggest health and nutrition challenges. As ardent proponents of open innovation, we not only look for inspiration and motivation within our Group, but we have also forged relationships with more than 40 promising academic partners and start-ups. We are convinced that by working together with all our stakeholders, we can prepare for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our truly global presence means that we have experts in every corner of the world, monitoring changes in tastes, markets, products, techniques and processes. With their insight, we are able to design tailored operational solutions that meet the growing expectations of our local and international customers.

Transversal expertise 

When we innovate, we do so with passion and boldness. Our international team of sensory analysts is nothing if not passionate. Using their keen sense of smell, sight, taste, touch and hearing, they analyze and improve the organoleptic quality of each and every Lesaffre product and help us to create products and solutions  from baking products to fermented beverages, natural yeast ingredients and natural aromatic molecules. Our dedicated experts design a diverse range of solutions to meet the expectations of our sectorcomprising our industrial, gastronomic, aromatician, brewery and oenological customers. 

Our vision for the future 

As we look to the future, our capacity to innovate will rely on our ability to unite industry with new technologies and the digital world. Our focus falls squarely on running clean, connected factories, ensuring the long-term sustainability of our raw materials and providing our customers with transparent product traceability. The industry calls this “Factory 4.0” and we are fully committed to this sustainable model. 

We are currently piloting projects that aim to explore and test new technologies and organizations. All projects are duplicable and deployable in any region and, if validated, will become Group-wide standards.  

As we begin to transform our factories into “smart factories,” we will reach new levels of competitiveness and efficiency. Continuous and instantaneous communication between tools and workstations in our manufacturing and supply chains will optimize manufacturing processes and improve flexibility. Being able to adapt to demand in real time, allows us to better serve our clients across the globe.