Our first-rate research platforms

Our first-rate  research platforms

R&D at its best 

Whether in baking or in the fields of food taste and pleasurehealth and well-being, or biotechnologyWe have long relied on our fermentation expertise to develop innovative solutions for our customers. We rely on our 600 R&D experts and 3 science-focused research platforms to accelerate the development of innovative projects. We also collaborate with more than 40 promising academic partners and start-ups. Our goal is to focus our research on exploring the infinite potential of microorganisms and their positive impact on the health and nutrition of humans, animals and plants. Thanks to scientific and technological progress, fermentation has led to an entire field of targeted, efficient solutions that are adapted to the needs of our customers. 

 A solid R&D ecosystem 

Our 3 complementary, specialized and interconnected research platforms include:  

  • A research platform focused on microbial diversity and the interactions of microorganisms (yeasts, bacteria, phages, filamentous fungi, etc.) with a wide variety of substrates and food matrices such as cereals, dairy products, sourdoughs, broths, etc. Using this platform, we aim to optimize microorganism cultures, exploit them to the fullest and create an optimal environment. Lesaffre’s expertise in fermentation and bioconversion processes lies at the heart of this platform. Our genetics, microbiology, enzymology, genomics, metabolomics, computational biology and bioinformatics researchers use cutting-edge equipment to ramp up research activities such as fermentation and robotized characterization tools. 
  • A research platform focused on promoting the transformation of food substrates and matrices to serve the markets. With expertise in innovative technologies such as autolysis, separation, purification, drying, freeze-drying and encapsulation, we have developed process engineering that enables us to meet our customers’ needs. These include various ferments (yeasts, bacteria and filamentous fungi), other relevant microorganisms and functional fractions, molecules and metabolites for a wide variety of applications. 
  • A research platform dedicated to organism/host interactions (humans, animals and plants). Here we focus on demonstrating health, well-being, environmental and food taste and pleasure benefits. We conduct application research in several fields, including baking science, alcohol fermentation, in vitro cell models and functional foods. 

Building on synergies  

While fundamental research is a core company principle, one of our R&D objectives is to find the right balance between staying at the cutting edge of innovation and launching new products, and developing new applications in the field of microorganisms and bioprocess. With this in mind, we are accelerating the worldwide rollout of open, innovative methods with our clients and subsidiaries, as well as with universities and other prospective partners. 

Closely connected with our network of application centers spread across the world, our R&D anticipates market developments and prepares for our clients’ challenges and those of future generations. Our research platforms connect our 63 applied science centers: Baking Center™, Biospringer Culinary Centers, The Farm Phileo, Agrauxine Plant Care Center, LIS Powder studio, Procelys Labs and Leaf Green lab

While these platforms operate individually, the synergies between them are undeniable. By sharing ideas, best practices and innovative thinking, and by anticipating market developments, our experts around the world motivate each other, prepare for future challenges and drive our company towards excellence.