Helping disadvantaged communities through education

Lesaffre partnered with ‘Life Project 4 Youth’ (LP4Y) movement to provide education and technical training to youths living in extreme poverty in Indonesia and Vietnam. By sharing our baking expertise, we can help them gain a valuable skill in life. We are here to drive real and lasting change in the communities where we operate, a step at a time.
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1,500 beneficiaries

The Asia-Pacific region is one of the most rapidly developing regions in the world. With this phenomenal growth, however, also comes a widening disparity between rich and poor. In Indonesia and Vietnam, many families live in extreme poverty, with very limited access to education and skills training. To break the cycle of generational poverty, our subsidiaries in Indonesia and Vietnam have committed to supporting the LP4Y program. This community program enables underprivileged young people to take part in all-round training programs, various vocational training courses, internship opportunities (in bread-making in particular) and long-term support. By facilitating their social and professional integration, this program helps them improve their living conditions and those of their families.

In Vietnam, Lesaffre’s financial contributions have made it possible to train 20 young people in our local Baking Center™ and LP4Y centers. LP4Y youths helped produce 1,000 loaves of bread for EuroCham (in September 2017) and 500 loaves of bread for the French Consulate (in November 2017).

In Indonesia, our Lesaffre subsidiary organized a company and factory tour for 18 young people and provided comprehensive baking training to eight individuals, who went on to work in the baking and catering sectors. A new training session is currently being prepared for 8 other young people.

We remain committed to be active participants in our local communities and plan to scale up or further evolve the program in order to generate an even greater impact.
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