Lesaffre Morocco: an initiative for all

The Lesaffre Morocco Support Fund was set up over 20 years ago by the Moroccan subsidiary to help employees through major life events. Focus on an inspiring socially-responsible initiative which won a prize at the Lesaffre CSR awards event in 2021.
Since 1999
launched 22 years ago
support to 1,000 employees

Solidarity is historically rooted in Moroccan society and can be identified in different social environments, such as families and friendships, local communities, but also in the workplace.

Lesaffre Morocco has always engaged in voluntary actions of solidarity, especially to help its employees to cope with specific events in their personal lives. It was with that in mind that the company launched the CFSS Support Fund1 in 1999 to formalise its support for employees.


Supporting employees through major life events

The Support Fund was initially set up by Lesaffre Morocco to help group employees to face any difficult events in their personal lives, such as having to pay for medical expenses that are not covered by the national healthcare system or funeral costs following the loss of an ascendant or descendant relative. But the Support Fund is also aimed at supporting employees during joyous occasions, like the birth of a child for instance.

“We can offer help in many ways in the form of micro-financing, grants, but also support services such as taking care of administrative formalities with health insurers”, explained HR Manager Safae Jardioui.


 Over 1,000 employees supported

Lesaffre Morocco supports on average more than 60 employees every year, that is a total of more than 1,000 people since the launch of the Support Fund. Support is provided in the form of financial grants, healthcare benefits, or various perks such as trips organised for the staff’s children.


A transparent organisation for employees

The CFSS Support Fund is independently managed by an association made up of employee representatives from the various departments and production facilities.

All Lesaffre Morocco employees are members of the association. One hundred and thirty members (i.e. two thirds of the workforce) pay a monthly contribution to the Fund, which is largely funded by Lesaffre Morocco. “The Fund is subject to a set of internal rules that define staff benefits and their terms so as to ensure it is managed in the best interest of its members,” explained Financial Manager Abdelwahed Bousabaa.


Together, we go further

While the Fund has been managed for 22 years now, its Executive Committee is still identifying new and creative opportunities. Today, the company’s goal is to build partnerships to provide staff with new benefits. So far, the company has negotiated special discounts for its employees after signing partnership agreements with different pharmacies and one with a hotel.

The organisation is also planning to set up a digital platform for discussion between members.


1 Soders Support Fund Committee


The CFSS Support Fund gives employees a sense of security while promoting a good working environment for them. This is a great initiative that strengthens our people’s pride and sense of belonging within the company. It embodies the group’s values and those prevailing in Moroccan society.
Alasri Anouar
Head of Lesaffre Morocco