Dry sourdough: The taste of innovation

Working together to nourish the planet in a sustainable way is the core mission of Lesaffre. An innovative project in Poland by our LIS business unit to produce dry sourdough is a textbook example of how we turn that theory into everyday practice.
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100 employees, including 5 working today in the new production unit

In today’s rapidly changing world, adapting to consumer tastes and preferences is a vital ingredient for success in so many areas, including the art of bread-making. Enhancing the flavor of bread, has increasingly become a must-have for customers of artisan and industrial-scale bakers alike.

To meet that demand, LIS Polska, a Lesaffre subsidiary, part of the Business Unit LIS By Lesaffre, the European leader in food ingredients contract drying had launched during summer 2020 a dry-sourdough production unit at its plant in Legnica (Silesia – south west Poland) for the bread-making market. 

The challenge in 2019 and 2020 was to build a completely new state-of-the-art factory, the first within Lesaffre. Along with offering that distinctive flavor, dry sourdough also has a long stable shelf life – an ideal combination for bakeries everywhere.

Working together on such a project for the first time, the teams from Lesaffre’s Industrial division, LIS France and LIS Polska got the job done. From plant design to equipment installation, staff training and industrial scale-up, it was delivered with real energy and commitment. Along with achieving the production goals, it also allowed LIS Polska to showcase its ability to embrace scientific and technological advances. Equally importantly, it summed up our whole mission at Lesaffre: Working together to better nourish and protect the planet.

The scale of the Group’s investment and collaboration with LIS Polska made this project one of a kind; one where people, technology and tradition came together to meet the needs of our customers.
LIS Polska Plant Manager