FLAVYREN – The natural, sustainable solution for flavors and fragrances

How to reduce the environmental impact of products and increase their natural ingredients without spiralling costs and complexity? A new approach pioneered is offering the flavors and fragrances market a solution to this major challenge with FLAVYREN, a range of highly pure, 100% natural organic acids.

In this era of rapid population growth, with the threat of climate change looming large, consumers everywhere want to understand where products are coming from, whether they are sustainably sourced, and what impact they are going to have on the planet. 


Parallel consumer trends mean more and more people want to purchase and consume products that have fewer additives and manufactured ingredients, more organic and natural production techniques, and promote wellness both for purchasers and the communities that create them. In response, the flavors and fragrances market needs to find new ways to increase the sustainability of its products, lower environmental costs, cut the carbon cost of manufacturing, and enhance the number of natural ingredients in its products – while still meeting all safety and quality standards. 


Circular thinking


This was the motivation behind FLAVYREN, a unique new range of high-quality natural acids just launched by Afyren, distributed by Ennolys by Lesaffre, and designed for the production of flavors and fragrances for food and cosmetics. FLAVYREN acids are produced in Europe from renewable, natural raw materials that can be extracted without impacting the local food chain. The range is created with minimal processing and a short and transparent supply chain, giving them the lowest carbon footprint on the market. 


“FLAVYREN is natural, highly pure, has a consistent organoleptic profile, and is fully compliant with the EU’s Natural Flavouring Substance regulations,” says Thomas Rager, Sales Director at Ennolys by Lesaffre. “It’s a natural solution that can be used as an ingredient or a building block for aromatic substances, producing a large pallet of fruit-like and dairy-like flavors.”


Why FLAVYREN is different


FLAVYREN is made using natural and renewable raw materials such as sugar beets. Using fermentation as the main processing stage, energy costs are low and there is virtually no waste from the production. Because it’s made in Europe, FLAVYREN avoids the transcontinental supply chain that many food ingredients pass through, which slashes the CO2 emissions associated with its distribution. 


All this gives the flavors and fragrances market a powerful new way to source a natural ingredient locally and cut the environmental impact of their products while supporting a sustainable local supply chain that’s insulated from fluctuations in global freight prices and meets the growing consumer desire for healthier, more natural and locally sourced food and cosmetics.  


Natural, green fragrances 


Ennolys by Lesaffre is the exclusive European distributor of the new acids, which come in seven formulations: FLAVYREN Acetic, Propionic, Butyric, IsoButyric, Valeric, IsoValeric, and Caproic. All produce natural and green fragrances and authentic tastes. As FLAVYREN is certified 100% natural and GMO-free, it is well placed for incoming regulations being implemented in Europe and the US to increase transparency around the ingredients and environmental impact of products. 


FLAVYREN is classified as a natural flavoring by the United States FDA and by the EU. AFYREN has sought halal and kosher certification and guarantees that its products contain no ingredients of concern. Microorganisms and raw materials used in the production of FLAVYREN are also free from genetically modified origins. For use in the cosmetics industry, FLAVYREN is also assessed as a natural ingredient and approved as a raw material according to the COSMOS standard – the COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard, which sets certification requirements for organic and natural cosmetics in Europe. 


Dedicated to ecological solutions


Ennolys by Lesaffre chose to become the exclusive European distributor of FLAVYREN in part because it was impressed by AFYREN’s environmental credentials. AFYREN is committed to helping to mitigate the impact of human activity on the environment. By reducing waste, using circular processes, cutting water use, and switching to fossil-free energy, the company has slashed its own carbon footprint. Its products do not deplete natural resources or require additional land use, and are made from natural renewable sources. They also promote local employment and reduce international supply chains.


“At a time when many of our everyday products are still too heavily dependent on petroleum-based molecules, FLAVYREN offers cleaner, greener, bio-sourced replacements to a wide scope of industries,” says Géraldine Esparceil, Marketing Manager at Ennolys by Lesaffre. “This fits with our own sustainability mission at Ennolys by Lesaffre, and helps our customers produce more ecological products, too.” 


As businesses across industries look for positive, cost-effective ways to increase the natural and ecological credentials of their products, FLAVYREN offers a new approach that is beneficial to local communities, businesses, consumers and the planet.


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