Inventis Sensation, baking bread with character

Inventis Sensation introduces an entirely new way to flavor bread. With our vast expertise, we developed a solution that helps craft and industrial bakers to create gourmet, flavorful baked products to meet the needs of their consumers.
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2 prizes (“Saveur de l’année 2020” & “Pépites de la boulangerie” at Europain)

Throughout the entire process of artisanal bread making, bakers sprinkle flour to prevent dough from sticking. This gesture is called flowering. Our innovative baking technicians found a way to use this age-old technique to flavor bread in an entirely new way. Inventis Sensation combines fermentation ingredients, such as yeast extracts, with a mixture of seeds or durum wheat semolina to change the flavor profile of classic bread recipes.

Bakers sprinkle Inventis Sensation over the dough, which develops delicious aromatic notes of crackers or cheese in the oven. With this innovative concept, they can transform any baked product, including breads or even croissants, into gourmet, personalized creations – delighting their customers and helping us develop new references to widen our taste range.

As we developed this ambitious and complex project, we called on the expertise of our various departments from R&D to quality, along with experts in regulations and industry. Our sensory analysis panel tested several recipes throughout the entire product development phase. Launched just two years ago, Inventis Sensation was voted Flavor of the Year 2020 in France by an independent consumer panel.

Thanks to the implication of dedicated teams, Lesaffre gives an innovative answer to bakers’ creativity and customers’ expectations with the range of Inventis Sensation.
Projects & Knowledge Management – Baking Center