The art was invited into Lesaffre Panification France plant.

Since several years Lesaffre intends to provide its employees with greater access to the art world through its different sites. The Lesaffre Campus already has two works of art by artists Bénédicte Dubart and Manon Thirriot. This is also the case of Fermentis, which offers a unique experience for visitors to its Campus thanks to a chandelier by Thomas Klug.

For its 100th anniversary, Lesaffre Panification France inaugures a work of art.

On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, to be celebrated in 2021, Lesaffre Panification France has also taken up the challenge of placing art at the heart of its industrial site, renowned for its breadmaking expertise.

Founded in 1920, Lesaffre Panification France was originally FALA (Fabrique Alsacienne de Levures et d’Alcools), which became SIL FALA in 1967 when it was acquired by Lesaffre. Today, this site markets all the products offered by Lesaffre in the field of breadmaking has undergone many changes over the years.

An artistic initiative led by collaborators

To celebrate this centenary, a group of volunteer employees in charge of organizing the event had the idea of creating a fresco. Assisted by the event communications agency Passe Muraille, the members of this collective participated in every stage of the project: drawing up the specifications, selecting the artist, validating the sketch and colors, etc.

The chosen artist is Thomas Locatelli, aka STOM 500, native to the Grand Est region of France, known for his cartoon and animal-inspired graffiti.

Located on the wall of the logistics block, the fresco features graphic elements such as the elephant, the company’s historic emblem, and the swallow, symbolic of Lesaffre. Visible from the entrance to the site, it illustrates the site’s evolution through the history and passion of its collaborators.

Find out more about the creation of this fresco on video.