Lesaffre accelerates its focus on health and invests in In Vitro testing

As a global player in microorganisms and fermentation, Lesaffre is continuing to invest in research and development as part of its activities in favour of human and animal health. The company has invested in new equipment to continue developing its In Vitro platform located in the Eurasanté park in Loos (Nord). Called SHIME®, this technology, which is unique in France, will enable Lesaffre to evaluate even more precisely the effect of its products on the human and animal gut microbiota and microbiome.


Lesaffre at the forefront of research thanks to a technology unique in France

The SHIME® technology developed by the company Prodigest BV and Ghent University reproduces the entire human and animal1 digestive system. Thanks to this cutting-edge equipment purchased in 2019, Lesaffre is now able to test in vitro the effect of a product on the intestinal microbiota over several weeks (up to 8 weeks). Through this strategic investment, Lesaffre is positioning itself as one of the leading players in the study of intestinal microbiota/ microbiome and the digestive system as a whole.


This new investment is perfectly in line with company’s R&D strategy, which in 2019 inaugurated its In Vitro research platform already equipped with the TIM-1 system (equipment that reproduces the upper part of the digestive system). The work carried out over the last two years already enabled the consolidation of the documentation of several products for human health, and the development of two new products for animal health, which in particular enable better digestion of food.


“We have made successive investments in In Vitro testing to better understand the potential of microorganisms on the human and animal microbiota. The intestinal microbiota plays a key role in the metabolism and immune system. Today, we are still in the early stages of research in this field, but we are convinced that this type of research will lead to absolutely fundamental discoveries with applications for both the nutrition of living beings and for medicine and health. “explains Hassina Ait-Abderrahim, Director of In vitro and Bacteria platforms at Lesaffre.



Benefits for human and animal nutrition and health

As a specialist in fermentation sciences for over 165 years, Lesaffre wishes to put all its know-how and knowledge of microorganisms at the service of research into the digestive system. Indeed, the company is convinced that the study of the gut microbiota will make it possible to respond to the major challenges facing mankind in terms of nutrition, but also public health.


By identifying the most effective microorganisms according to the desired effect, we can induce 3 positive effects of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics for human and animal health:

– Improved digestion

– Better assimilation of nutrients contained in food (vitamins, proteins, etc.)

– Increased immune defences


“In view of the global health crisis we are experiencing, the question of immunity will be one of the major health issues for the years to come. Thanks to research into the micro-organisms contained in the intestinal ecosystem, we will be able to find solutions to strengthen our immune system and protect ourselves from certain types of pathogens” concludes Hassina Ait-Abderrahim, Director of In vitro and Bacteria platforms at Lesaffre.



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