LIS by Lesaffre is committed to increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix of its drying plant in France, with the support of Idex

Complementary partners

LIS by Lesaffre, a drying specialist and subsidiary of Lesaffre, is committed to reducing the carbon emissions of industrial production with the help of Idex, a specialist in energy and environmental services. This partnership of expertise aims to control steam production costs and reduce the site’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Idex is responsible for the entire supply of carbon-free steam and guarantees a local supply of biomass from its agency in Granville.  The Idex Group will design, build, invest in and operate/maintain the steam plant for 15 years.

Reduce CO2 emissions by 85%

The decarbonization of the drying process will allow LIS’s many customers to be offered a wide range of 85% decarbonized drying technologies. The new wood/gas boiler plant will produce over 110,000 tons of steam per year. The construction of the biomass boiler house will create direct jobs (2 full time equivalents) and indirect jobs mainly related to the supply of wood and for mechanical maintenance.

The wood requirements, which are estimated at nearly five 90 m3 semi-trailers per day, will be met mainly by forestry chips and supplemented, up to 30%, by end-of-life packaging wood.

Construction of a 37 t/h biomass/gas heating plant

To meet the plant’s steam requirements, which average around 13 t/h, Idex will install a biomass boiler. As the plant’s process does not tolerate any faults or interruptions in supply, Idex has designed a boiler room that also includes 2 gas boilers to back up the biomass boiler. The overall installed capacity of the boiler room will therefore be 37 t/h.


Key figures:

 Start of works: 2022, for the new boiler to be operational in September 2023

  • 77 000 MWh / 110 000 t of steam produced annually
  • Renewable energy rate: 85 %
  • CO2 avoided: 13,500 tons / year
  • 34% subsidy from ADEME within the framework of France Relance


The long-term investment project benefits from the ADEME support fund within the framework of France Relance and the BCIAT programme (Biomass Heat Industry Agriculture and Tertiary) up to 34% of the overall investment.


François Cachot, LIS general manager adds : “In its ambitious approach to decarbonizing its drying activities, LIS France is very pleased to see this important renewable energy project become concrete. We believe that reducing our exposure to fossil fuels and drastically reducing the CO2 emissions that accompany them is crucial to the sustainability of our drying activities. We are particularly excited to start this long-term partnership with IDEX, who will be able to provide us with their know-how and expertise.”

 Benjamin Fremaux, President of Idex, says : “We are particularly proud to support an industrial company like LIS in its energy transition. When French companies set an example by choosing alternative and efficient energies, the effects are positive in the long term and for all of us.”