Oenologist / Brewer

Oenologist /  Brewer
It’s really rewarding to work with colleagues from around the world.

About the role

Our oenologists and brewers apply their considerable analytical skills and scientific logic to proactive project management, from product conception through to launch, and to exploring how products evolve in different conditions.

They also demonstrate an aptitude for developing synergies with external contractors and consultants, and for liaising with researchers, the factory and the industrialization department. Working with an international team, these positions require great curiosity for other cultures and languages.

our offer to you

Lesaffre opens up global horizons for a growing team in a stimulating working environment that remains approachable in scale and structure, with an emphasis on horizontal work flows cutting across traditional hierarchies.

We foster close relationships between units worldwide, with annual team-building activities and comprehensive overviews of the year’s achievements in all fields. Regular training is provided on new products, and there are opportunities to participate in trade fairs throughout the world with local staff.



Beyond the scope of their technical mandate, our oenologists and brewers play a pivotal role in communication, providing marketing and sales departments with crucial information to build the products’ selling points.

They actively convey our messages to a wider audience through the Fermentis Academy, educational operations, seminars and conventions attended by our clients, promoting the group on the national and international stage. As members of our unique tasting panel, they also contribute to extending the company’s global reach.