It’s not just about producing results: it’s knowing how to generate value.

About the role

Lesaffre microbiologists are skilled scientists, well-versed in the metabolic pathways of microorganisms, in order to confidently select the right tools for the job, and able to define optimal growth conditions, draft and adapt protocols, and set out standard methods.

They are also critical thinkers, capable of calling their own work into question. Microbiologists are hybrids – half scientist, half business strategist. Their eyes are open for strains that may go into new products: research is indissociable from the market.

our offer to you

Lesaffre promises the stimulation of cutting-edge science with colleagues who are passionate about what they do.

This is not just about bread: the diversity of microbiological applications at Lesaffre leaves no room for boredom. And Lesaffre microbiologists can count on ideal conditions, the best equipment, and a network of contacts to meet their objectives.


Lesaffre microbiologists put their scientific skills to the service of the company, developing the building blocks of the next products, whether as members or leaders of project teams that take on a wide variety of missions.

Like their geneticist colleagues, their work ultimately reflects the needs of Lesaffre’s business units.