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Research & Development

Innovation is at the heart of Lesaffre’s global mission. People with a passion for discovery are the key to our constantly expanding portfolio of innovative products, solutions and services. Your skills will have a direct impact on our growth and touch millions of lives worldwide.

165 years
of know-how
10 R&D centers
around the world
570 R&D

Why Lesaffre?

A mission worthy of your passion

We put all the power of our R&D capabilities into nourishing and protecting the planet. So together, we can do work that truly changes the world for the better. Bring your personal passion to our innovation pipeline and you’ll discover new challenges and opportunities every day. The endless potential of fermentation and the infinite complexity of living microorganisms drive our work on—unlocking ancient understanding and fueling cutting-edge solutions to tomorrow’s questions.

A mission worthy of your passion

Make a personal impact

We organize our business around small teams who have a huge impact, meaning you will get hands-on responsibility for projects that could ultimately affect the lives of millions of people worldwide. Decentralized but highly networked, we give you the freedom to pursue your ideas and develop your career in an entrepreneurial way, exploring all the possibilities to make a difference.

Make a personal impact
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