Quality, Health, Safety, Environment

 Quality, Health, Safety, Environment
We strive for excellence when it comes to QHSE challenges.

About the role

Quality, health, safety, and the environment have always been a key focus at Lesaffre.

Whether involving engineers, managers, or coordinators at the departmental or corporate level – it means going out into the field, helping us reach our goal of zero accidents, overseeing quality assurance and certifications, or working to set up depollution channels. QHSE functions communicate our company’s policies and enable us to uphold the highest standards, both locally and internationally.

our offer to you

Lesaffre offers a world of opportunities to apply your knowledge and expertise to QHSE functions throughout some seventy production sites.

And although we may have a global presence, we are proud to be a family business that values interpersonal relationships, trust, and an entrepreneurial spirit to help us achieve our objectives.



We strive for excellence when it comes to protecting the health and safety of our consumers, clients, employees, and the planet.

As we continue to develop our QHSE systems and procedures, we rely on our worldwide network of experts to support teams and navigate QHSE issues specific to the local context of the countries where we operate.