Saf-Instant, the instant dry yeast, is turning 50!

To mark the brand’s 50th birthday, its baker, officially named Saf-Man, has been brought to life as an animated 3D figure to speak to other bakers. As the very first instant dry yeast, Saf-instant continues to inspire bakers around the world. Lesaffre is paying tribute to them to mark the 50th birthday of its iconic brand.

What’s behind the success of Saf-instant, the favourite yeast of home and craft bakers in more than 150 countries?

Firstly, it doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge, making it easier to use and store. Easy to measure out, it is activated immediately without needing to be rehydrated: once added directly to flour, the kneading process can begin. Lastly, this quality yeast ensures that every batch is a success, whatever the recipe. Everyone who bakes with Saf-instant loves how it makes life easier.

More than just a technological revolution, genuine hands-on support

And that’s not all: since 1974, the teams at Lesaffre’s Baking Center™ have helped customers to use Saf-instant. In turn, Lesaffre has learned about the needs and demands of bakers around the world. This led to the creation of Saf-instant Gold for sweet doughs which is particularly popular in Latin America and Asia. Digital tools have been developed to provide information and strengthen links, including smart packaging, websites with practical tips and tricks and recipe ideas using dry yeast. Saf-instant is constantly developing to better support, inspire and enhance bakers’ projects: “Let’s Make it Happen!”

This year, Lesaffre has created another innovative product with Saf-instant Plus Vitamin D. Although this vitamin plays an important role in the absorption of calcium, far too many people around the world do not currently get enough vitamin D. This new product caters to the public’s nutritional needs and helps bakers to broaden their range of nutritional breads.

We’ll always support bakers, helping them to overcome the challenges they face every day and turning their dreams into a reality, driven by our ambition to feed and protect the planet so that we can build the future together.” Elsa Guillaume, Group Product Manager, Lesaffre International.