The new Saf-instant app supports the world’s largest community of bakers

How can Lesaffre facilitate the lives of professional bakers? The Saf-instant app provides advice, services and access to a global community of bakers.
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2,5 months to develop the app

Lesaffre’s totally revamped Saf-instant app helps craft bakers address everyday issues and overcome challenges both in their professional practice and business. After less three months in development, we launched the app in record time. Backed by a new visual identity, a user-friendly QR code and its new slogan “Let’s make it happen”, Saf-instant has undoubtedly become a reliable partner to bakers around the world.

We have a deep respect for the art of baking and a clear understanding that bread-making techniques and know-how vary from one culture to another. Based on these convictions, creating a truly personalizable app was our number one priority. Our app brings together a tight-knit community of bakers from every corner of the world and helps them with professional challenges and development ambitions.

With high value content ౼ including bread-making tips, tutorials and videos ౼ available in five languages and a global reach across 180 countries, our innovative and diverse offer helps bakers learn, find inspiration and improve their businesses.

We have a strong will to act as a relay by supporting bakers professionally and helping them meet their daily challenges.
Marketing & Commercial Coordination - Baking