“Fermentation” book: Savoring history through recipes

A book produced by Lesaffre in partnership with the Paul Bocuse Institute*, entitled “The Heart of Fermentation”, has one aim – to tell as many people as possible about the history, uses and benefits of fermentation in food. Published by Flammarion, the book is richly illustrated, informative, and easy to read.
Illustrated recipes

“Fermentation is life,” according to Louis Pasteur. For Lesaffre, it’s also a true passion and a slice of history that deserves to be shared. Thomas Lesaffre, Baking Marketing Director of Lesaffre, had the idea for this wonderful, high-end book for the general public about how fermentation applies to food. Supported by the Paul Bocuse Institute, the project brought together talented writers, photographers, and illustrators, along with Flammarion, a publishing house synonymous with the French way of life.


In words and pictures, the history of yeast fermentation since ancient times

Designed from the start to be entertaining and easily accessible, the 208 pages of this beautifully illustrated book are an enjoyable way for readers to find out about the history of fermentation and its use in food preservation through the ages. It also describes the vast array of everyday foods that are produced by fermentation, a highly controlled process in today’s world. The list includes bread, cheese, yogurt, beer, wine, and coffee, to name just a few… along with many condiments! The book also helps readers to understand the amazing contribution of certain micro-organisms, such as yeast, to human nutrition and health.


A book of recipes for fermentation to suit every taste

Fermentation is also about flavor, and the enjoyment of food. Today, with home cooking becoming ever more popular, the book contains some 30 recipes – ranging from the simple to the more sophisticated – from chefs at the Paul Bocuse Institute. From gravlax salmon and fermented buckwheat crêpes to kombucha tea, everyone can experiment with the wide variety of tastes created by fermentation.




* The Paul Bocuse Institute will become the Lyfe Institute (June, 2023).

“We are showing how this process, which is both ancient and in daily use today, has a great future. It is helping to create new tastes and to better nourish the 9 billion people who will be living on our planet by 2050”
Thomas Lesaffre
Baking Marketing Director