Lesaffre publishes “Fermentation”, a book to raise public awareness on the benefits of fermentation

As a world key player in the field of fermentation for nearly 170 years, Lesaffre has made available to the public, since February 2, 2022, a book entitled “Fermentation”. The aim of this book is to help as many people as possible discover the benefits of fermentation and the foods that are produced from it.


Through this book, published by Flammarion and produced in partnership with the Institut Paul Bocuse, Lesaffre’s aim is to provide a better understanding of the tremendous contribution of fermentation thanks to micro-organisms such as yeast and bacteria, pioneers of life on Earth and omnipresent in our environment.  The fermentation process, once limited to food preservation, has now become an answer to preserve and better feed the planet. In recent years, with the discovery of the importance of microbiota by consumers, the link between fermentation and human health has become stronger.

“The process of fermentation is both ancient and very current. In fact, ingredients or foods derived from fermentation can be found in many everyday dishes and drinks. And yet, it is a little-known process, even in France, the country of bread, wine and cheese! With this book, we want to introduce fermentation and the benefits of micro-organisms to the public,” explains Thomas Lesaffre, Marketing Director Baking Ingredients at Lesaffre

The book retraces the history of fermentation through an educational, entertaining and playful approach, then draws up a panorama of the leading products (bread, cheese, beer, coffee, yoghurt…) resulting from fermentation. It plunges us into a world of unsuspected flavors. Thirty or so gourmet recipes, easy (pickles, salmon gravlax, pretzels, kombucha…) or more sophisticated, concocted by the chefs of the Institut Paul Bocuse, will allow everyone to discover the richness of taste that fermentation offers.

“Fermentation” will be presented on the Lesaffre booth at Europain trade fair from 26th to 29th March 2022, in Paris. Already available in French and English, other translations of the book may well be published in the near future.