All you need to know about vanillin thanks to Ennolys’ comprehensive and informative White Paper!

Welcome to the Ennolys world, which places natural and quality at the center of its priorities! Rich in its experience in fermentation and biotechnology, Ennolys offers a wide range of natural aromas from fermentation, including Ennalin, its natural vanillin. In its latest White Paper, discover the fascinating world of natural aromatic molecules resulting from fermentation.

Discover the aromas

Do you know that the history of aromas goes back to antiquity? Since the use of aromatic herbs by the Egyptians, scientific processes enabled the development of an endless range of aromas.

Today, aromas, which can be synthetic or natural, are governed by European regulations. And Ennolys offers its aromas in this context: natural aromatizing substances obtained by fermentation, which meet the expectations of naturalness expressed by consumers.

A vanillin… without vanilla!

Vanilla, the favorite spice of the French, is a very special and sought-after aroma, but it is extremely expensive: the vanilla bean contains only 2% vanillin! That’s why Ennolys, with Ennalin, presents its natural and sustainable alternative: Ennalin, a vanillin that comes from fermentation, and therefore does not come from the vanilla bean.

How is vanillin obtained by fermentation? What are the organoleptic properties of Ennalin? What are the uses of this vanillin?

So many answers that the Ennolys White Paper 2020 edition gives you: “How to bring vanilla notes to your product while reducing the amount of fat and sugar?”.