Biospringer reveals its new brand identity

Biospringer’s expertise and passion for yeast ingredients and fermentation helps customers explore their full potential. For 2021, Biospringer unveils its new brand identity, strongly inspired by its brand mission: “Create innovative and natural origin ingredients from yeast fermentation, that help to make food tastier and healthier while being reliable and respectful of the planet and people.”

A new brand identity for 2021

While Biospringer’s mission remains unchanged, 2021 sees the brand reinforcing its commitment to putting its customers first. Biospringer’s promise, “We create responsible taste”, has driven a strategic pivot that is exemplified by the brand’s renewed identity. In addition to a restructuring of key product ranges, this multifaceted approach includes a new graphic identity, corporate presentation video and editorial charter.

A mission based on taste and innovation

As part of this reinforced commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations, Biospringer presents its fully restructured product range. Encompassing a complete range of features and benefits, Biospringer’s new streamlined product portfolio offers a comprehensive look at the Biospringer family of yeast ingredients.

A clearer commercial offer: introducing the 360° Wheel of Taste

To provide better clarity for its customers, Biospringer has restructured its existing ranges of yeast ingredients, in order to place the focus on the benefits that each distinct range brings when developing food and beverage products.
Composed of seven ranges, the Biospringer 360° Wheel of Taste offers a wide range of benefits, from masking unpleasant flavor notes to providing specific flavors.


“Biospringer is keen to be a valued partner for the food industry: we want to meet industry requirements, while proactively proposing new solutions that are aligned with consumer expectations. This is why we are implementing a new marketing and innovation strategy. Doing so will help us to create sustainable value and meet the needs of our clients, as well as consumers.”

Points out Hanane Lamjaj, Biospringer Global Marketing Director