Everything you need to know about alternative meats is in the Biospringer White Paper!

For many decades, Biospringer has been committed to the development of innovative and natural ingredients. To offer constantly innovative products which meet the challenges of tomorrow, this magician of taste pursues his relentless and passionate quest for the sublimation of taste. While delivering ever more tasty, healthy, responsible, and environmentally friendly foods, Biospringer takes you on a journey to explore its ambitions in its latest white paper.  

Meat: a substitutable food? 

For numerous consumers, there are various grounds for purchasing meat substitutes of plant origin. But where does this interest in alternative meat come from? Among the motives we can identify: the wish for a high protein content, environmental concerns, budgetary savings, or a willingness to improve the quality of health. In addition to budget savings, health is the main reason for purchasing plant-based meat alternatives. More than 60% of consumers worldwide say they are trying to limit their consumption of red meat. 

In this context, Biospringer leverages its expertise in food innovation to keep up with this growing demand and changing consumption habits. The challenge is obvious: consumers are looking for a new way of consuming that will take them out of their daily lives but at the same time remain familiar and aesthetically close to real meat. 

Is meat alternatives consumption just a trend? 

In 2019, the market for alternative meats was $18.5 billion. According to specialists, estimates reach $140 billion in 2029, which represents an 8-fold increase in demand1. 

While meat alternatives continue to arouse the interest of consumers who are increasingly curious and eager for novelty, studies show that this search for novelty does not disrupt the desire to eat foods that taste good. In fact, 68% of consumers say that taste and flavor are the most important criteria when choosing plant-based products2 

Fortunately, to satisfy this demand, the prospects for meat protein substitutes are vast and the possibility of dishes is not lacking there is enough for all tastes! 

Which substitutes do we have at our disposal? What are the features of a perfect meat alternative? How similar is the composition of yeast to that of meat? 

So many answers that the Biospringer White Paper 2021 edition gives you: “Do you want to learn how to craft the world’s most delicious and innovative alternative meats? 


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