Fermentis by Lesaffre, the expert in the art of fermentation

A brand-new website, a new Campus in a former Lesaffre malthouse which will not only host laboratories, a technical hall and numerous dynamic surroundings but also the Fermentis Academy: since its take-off in 2014, Fermentis by Lesaffre has established itself brilliantly in its market. And as CEO Stéphane Meulemans points out, Fermentis intends to become “the obvious choice for beverage fermentation.”


Fermentis by Lesaffre, structural wealth of human resources!

Now present or represented in more than 60 countries around the world, Fermentis has a clear international outlook, supported by multicultural teams. Mostly based in their country of origin, the Fermentis employees are Japanese, Chinese, American, South African, French, Australian….

These men and women from all over the world are foremost dedicated experts: oenologists, brewers, scientists, engineers, logisticians, researchers and marketing experts. Among the many different fields of expertise, each one works in a cross-fertilization spirit on a daily basis to provide quality products and bring pleasure to customers and through them to consumers.

Finally, more than being a valuable structural asset, this diversity enables Fermentis to work closer to their customers, to listen to their needs and to adapt more readily to the specificities offered by each culture.


Yeasts to enhance the quality and taste of beverage fermentations

Business Unit of the Lesaffre Food Taste and Pleasure division, Fermentis offers a complete range of products and services for the fermented beverage industry. “Not only alcohols”, explains Jeanne Gallerand, Marketing and Communication Manager, “because fermented beverages, beyond beers, ciders, wines and spirits, are also newcomers to the market: non-alcoholic beverages; in particular beer, but also kombucha or kefir, with health benefits that are in demand.”

To target these different segments, Fermentis provides various fermentation solutions: active dry yeast, yeast derivatives, enzymes and bacteria. Among these several solutions, E2U™, SafYeast™ and All-in-1 cater to specific needs.

  • E2U™ (Easy To Use) : a quality label that allows for optimal flexibility in the use of yeast, and safety in the use of yeast derivatives; thanks to a reduction in powderiness and better dispersibility.
  • SafYeast™: a new brand name for active dry yeast, which clarifies the many benefits of this type of yeast, to be found in this video .
  • All-in-1: a recent range of ready-to-use mixes.


Fermentis Academy™ « to learn, share and exchange on yeast and fermentation »

The Fermentis Academy is one of the latest Fermentis brands, dedicated to Applied Research and Training.

The integrated research institute allows the scientific team to better understand yeast and its derivatives, as well as bacteria, in their application and to optimize choices in the development of the product range and then share the results through multiple communication channels.

This institute will take on a new dimension with its installation in the heart of the Fermentis Campus. It will regroup a technical hall -focused on fermentation and more broadly on the production of fermented beverages-, as well as laboratories allowing the analysis of products from a physico-chemical, microbial and sensory point of view.

The sales and technical teams also organize pedagogical activities throughout the world: seminars and webinars reflect Fermentis by Lesaffre’s desire to educate customers and help them understand the products.