Follow the construction of the International Campus

In March 2020, Lesaffre announced the launch of a major real estate project: the construction of the International Campus in Marquette-lez-Lille, North, France. Despite the Covid-19 context, the construction site has made good progress. Like the company itself, this new environment is intended to be both a reflection of the Group’s history and a vehicle for innovation and openness to the outside world and the future.

A Campus designed by and for the teams

Space is one of the major challenges in the organisation of work and production. It contributes to the dynamism of relations between employees and is also a vector of quality of life at work.
This is why it was important for the International Campus to reflect the teams that will soon occupy it: the move is scheduled for early 2022. At each stage of the building’s design, through workshops or participative work sessions organised by the team in charge of the project, each employee was able to contribute to the building. It is thanks to these exchanges that the spaces in which we can work together more effectively have been defined, and are still guiding the design choices.
At Lesaffre, we are particularly proud of our cultural diversity, our way of working, our industrial know-how and our history: these are all values that will be embodied in this new working environment.
In line with our CSR commitment, the building has a bioclimatic design, with low energy consumption, thus guaranteeing comfort for all, both in summer and winter.


Modular spaces, meeting places and a technical platform

We are taking advantage of our new premises to develop and rethink our way of working, and to lay the foundations for the Lesaffre of tomorrow, which will be ever more at the cutting edge of technology.
As a development tool for the Group, the International Campus project will bring together different entities in order to create synergies that are currently limited due to the geographical location of each.
Inside, a large, open street will serve several wings, in which the work spaces have been designed to be modular. Shared spaces, where exchanges are more fluid, direct and spontaneous, and encourage mutual support. Both inside and outside, numerous meeting spaces will allow the teams to share moments of relaxation and breathing space.
Finally, at the heart of the project, the Technical Platform gives the International Campus its full dimension and will enable us to pool our high-level research and development equipment for the whole Group and to bring the teams closer together to promote synergies and collective intelligence.
In this sense, the concept of this 10,000m2 platform, i.e. 50% of the total surface area of the new building, is becoming a real innovation accelerator for Lesaffre.
This is the essence of the Campus: sharing to change perspectives.