Follow the progress of the Fermentis Campus!

A new home for employees and a reference for customers & partners, the new Fermentis Campus is currently under construction on an historic site: the grain alcohol distillery founded in 1853 by Louis Lesaffre and Louis Bonduelle.

The Fermentis Campus was designed to be a dynamic and welcoming building. Its open and innovative architecture will encourage collaboration and sharing, thanks to its many inspiring spaces.

The Fermentis Academy™, branch of Fermentis dedicated to Applied Research and Training, will be hosted at the heart of the Campus and will include:

  • A Technical Hall, focused on fermentation and the production of fermented beverages
  • Laboratories (sensory, physico-chemical, microbio).
  • A reception area, with a tasting bar to share sensory experiences related to fermentation
  • A large multi-purpose room where up to a hundred customers and partners can be trained at each session.

One of the goals of the centre is to share our knowledge with the end users (brewers, winemakers, cider and spirit manufacturers, etc.).

In fact, a complete “visitor centre” will be dedicated to this effect, within the Campus. As one would in a museum, visitors will discover various exhibits, learning about the history of Fermentis within Lesaffre, the production process of yeast, bacteria and enzymes and the science of beverage fermentation, through various experiments and digital media.
A 360° virtual tour will be available on site but also remotely, on the Fermentis website, to reach a broader public and especially those not lucky enough to visit physically.

Outdoors, the Campus will include green spaces and some of the raw materials required in beverage making (hops, vines, orchards, etc.)
This new Campus – the headquarters of Fermentis – hosting part of the team, will open its doors at the end of the year. In the meantime, you can follow its progress thanks to the monthly video teasers published on the Fermentis  LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube accounts!