Join us on Thursday, October 29th for the Fermentation Masters – 1st edition!   

Procelys by Lesaffre invites you to its very first edition of the Fermentation Masters on the theme:  

“How to produce quality probiotics and stand out in a booming market? 

A virtual event featuring 5 talks live broadcasted on LiveStorm from 2pm UTC+8. 


The topic. 

In 2020, the global probiotics market represents a billion dollars, of which more than 30% is held by the Asia-Pacific region. Mainly used to boost immune function, probiotics require consistent, stable and high-quality production conditions. While respecting a satisfactory quality/price ratio for consumers, and guaranteed profitability for producers. 

Fermentation Masters #1.  

To understand the challenges of the sector and the solutions for optimizing probiotic strains, five industry leaders among which Euromonitor, Novozymes, CHR Hansen India, Lesaffre and Procelys will share their vision with you during this half-day of virtual conferences. 

Market trends, preventive health, manufacturing processes and fermentation, use of yeast-based nutrients, case studies: all topics discussed by our experts just for you on Thursday 29th October from 2pm to 5pm, UTC+8 live. 


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