Recycling: cornerstone of sustainable development


Pollution is a major scourge of our society. Recycling is a key element of the circular economy that contributes to the protection of natural resources and the reduction of this pollution. Recycling reduces our need for water, natural resources and CO2 emissions (-700 million tons of CO2 emissions/year).

With its 11,000 employees around the world, Lesaffre is determined to initiate direct action and sustainable change to fight against world pollution. Recycling has already taken on its full meaning in the daily life of our subsidiaries and BUs: sorting of office waste, elimination of plastic cups, sorting of batteries which have become essential, but also recovery of our production waste, treatment of waste water, etc.

In addition to these rooted in everyday life actions embedded in our internal processes, we also carry out inspiring creative projects, which are put in the spotlight during our internal annual event dedicated to CSR since 2014: the “CSR Awards”.

Example of one of our RECYCLING projects in which our employees have been involved 

“A Sustainable Club” – Egypt 

An idea of intelligent, inexpensive, participative recycling… that makes everyone feel good! 

The city of Nubaria, where our Lesaffre Egypt plant is located, offers few opportunities for extra-professional entertainment. At the same time, our office building had an unoccupied floor. We were keen to provide a motivating work environment for our employees.

In 2021, we decided to create a club and an entertainment area on the vacant floor, with an environmental challenge. We redesigned the space, partitioned and restructured it using our internal resources. Then we equipped the space by recycling and “upcycling” the factory’s waste (pallets to create furniture, plastics and metals for fitness elements, packaging and other wooden supports to make a ping-pong table for example).