Our corporate culture values

Why Lesaffre?

Backed by 165 years of experience, the Lesaffre family group was built around solid fundamentals borne by farmers from the North of France. The values we have inherited from the land continue to form the backbone of our industrial group today: pragmatism, simplicity, proximity, humility and cooperation. These founding principles underlie our corporate culture and our international growth policy.

Lesaffre: A richly diverse international group

Discover our values in this video below:

  • Present in 51 countries
  • 69 production sites
  • 10,700 professionals working in a multitude of technical and commercial disciplines
  • 70 nationalities represented
  • 16 languages spoken
  • 48% of staff based outside Europe

Lesaffre’s international reach and success are underpinned by this diversity, which acts as a catalyst for our achievements. This mixture of cultures and expertise has inspired the development of a broad range of innovative products, reflecting the specific needs of clients and consumers all over the world.

Combining start-up dynamics with solid group foundations

A proactive, innovative approach and a long-term vision, combined with long-lasting projects, stable products and activities are indicators of sustainable growth which guarantees reliability and trustworthiness to our employees and clients alike. These foundations create a work environment for our staff that stimulates the spirit of initiative and is conducive to an entrepreneurial mindset.

Autonomy, the key to a decentralized organization

Lesaffre is pursuing its expansion with the support of its multi-site structure. Our subsidiaries around the world operate independently and have the latitude to propose and develop products and services suited to their markets’ needs. This decentralization empowers our executives and our teams in the field.
Multidisciplinary exchanges and the sharing of good practices are regular occurrences between our subsidiaries, through which each team member’s contribution to the group’s competitiveness is valued. This is what we call the principle of subsidiarity.
Our companies’ modest sizes (100 to 300 employees) and their close proximity to our teams, clients and partners constitute a real advantage for us and form our hallmark and beliefs.

Transactions that respect human values

Beyond our economic challenges, we strive to conclude sales and acquisition transactions that are, first and foremost, ethical toward the men and women affected by them. For us, taking the social dimension into consideration is a must, and a prerequisite to our success.
We use dialogue and consultation to guide our employees and their management teams through a fruitful change management process.