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The Louis Lesaffre Cup continues
The Americas zone takes to the stage!
The international selections for the Louis Lesaffre Cup, for the Americas zone, will continue in Argentina, from 29th May to 4th June. Make a date to feel the heat from this second stage… in a Latino atmosphere!

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Lesaffre Puri Center, a new R&D skill

This technologic platform works to fulfill needs in terms of yeast substrates purification and co-products development.

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Inauguration of the new Biospringer drying tower

Lesaffre is continuing to diversify in the field of animal nutrition, healthcare investing in a third drying tower dedicated to parietal fractions of yeast, at our Biospringer site in Strasbourg.

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Lesaffre bread-making ingredients

Blends, milling correctors, deactivated yeasts, mixes and pre-mixes, improvers and more...Thus was born a large and innovative range of bread-making ingredients in response to the various issues facing our industrial and artisan clients.

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Agrauxine against vinestock diseases

After extending the certification of the biofungicide Esquive WP to two other vinestock diseases, Agrauxine has once again proven its expertise in vineyard protection by sponsoring the Advantage Project, the cost of which is estimated at €4.2M.

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All about yeast

Yeast, yeast extracts, microorganisms…
are life!

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