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The Louis Lesaffre Cup 4th edition
International Selections : The Africa Mediterranean zone starts the ball rolling !
Istanbul, Turkey, is the location of the 1st stage of Louis Lesaffre Cup international selections, dedicated to the Africa Mediterranean zone. On the schedule: new countries taking part, reworked challenges, more modern communication means… but still the same urge to win!

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Lesaffre Puri Center, a new R&D skill

This technologic platform works to fulfill needs in terms of yeast substrates purification and co-products development.

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An advanced industrial expertise

In less than two days, we can multiply a micro-organism weighing just a few micrograms into several hundred pounds of yeast that is ready to serve the world’s industrial needs!

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Lesaffre bread-making ingredients

Blends, milling correctors, deactivated yeasts, mixes and pre-mixes, improvers and more...Thus was born a large and innovative range of bread-making ingredients in response to the various issues facing our industrial and artisan clients.

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Lesaffre Feed Additives has been reborn under the name « Phileo »

Phileo, the Lesaffre animal care business unit adopt a new corporate identity. This branding asserts its ambition of becoming a major player in the field of animal health and nutrition.

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All about yeast

Yeast, yeast extracts, microorganisms…
are life!

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