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Working together to better nourish and protect the planet
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Lesaffre invests in Intralytix, a US biotechnology company

This collaboration aims to develop and commercialize bacteriophage-based products, for various benefits in human health and in other areas of mutual interest.

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Lesaffre opens new Asia Pacific regional hub in Singapore

The new Singapore regional hub houses at the same location several of its teams in baking, food taste, human health and nutrition, animal care and biotechnology.

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The language of sandwich bread

In partnership with US Wheat Associates, Lesaffre proposes a new booklet devoted to the sensory world of sandwich bread. The sensorial analysis team of the Baking Center™ wanted to devote the second issue of 'Bread word for word' dedicated to sandwich bread.

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A new baking ingredients blending plant in the US in 2018

With the construction of new baking ingredients blending plant in Cedar Rapids-IA, Lesaffre Yeast Corporation, the Group American subsidiary, brings complete line of baking ingredient blends Saf-Pro® to North American bakers.

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Inauguration of the first Baking Center™ in Southern Africa

Lesaffre celebrates the official opening of the first Baking Center™ in Southern Africa, after has made a series of major structural investments in its Zimbabwean subsidiary acquired in September 2015.

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All about yeast

Yeast, yeast extracts, microorganisms…
are life!

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