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Louis Lesaffre Cup : Europe Selection
The Netherlands, Russia and France stand proud on the Louis Lesaffre podium.

The Netherlands, Russia and France won the Louis Lesaffre cup, thereby bagging their tickets for the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie. Following on from the previous competitions, the Europe selection delighted the baking world with impressive creations that showed technical prowess and innovation.

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Phileo launches ‘The Farm’

Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care has launched ’The Farm’, a platform dedicated to scientific expertise and exchange. Its role is to develop innovative solutions to respond to the ethical, sanitary and zootechnical challenges of the future of livestock agriculture.

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A new logo for LIS

LIS (Lesaffre Ingrédients Services) has adopted a new visual identity in line with its values and goals. Resolutely modern, more pared down and with a new colour scheme, the logo of the food ingredient drying experts has had a complete makeover.

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Organic Yeast and Ingredients, by Lesaffre!

Lesaffre has launched a comprehensive range of organic products including yeast, liquid living sourdough, devitalised sourdough and bread improvers, all united under the ‘Biorganic’ label to help bakers product top-quality organic bread in line with European regulations.

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A health claim for Lesaffre Human Care’s ibSium®

Lesaffre Human Care is very pleased to announce that its commitment to providing innovative solutions to global health care challenges has been rewarded with the approval of a claim by the Canadian Health Authorities for ibSium®, unique ingredient proven to reduce Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms.

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All about yeast

Yeast, yeast extracts, microorganisms…
are life!

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