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A pilot unit in Normandy for a new drying technology

LIS (Lesaffre Ingredients Services) is to inaugurate on Monday 27 June 2016 the pilot platform brought into service in Normandy. The EPTTM  Unit, the first pilot installation of its kind in Europe, will now offer the major names in the food industry an advanced technology that revolutionises conventional drying processes.

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Opening of a new facility dedicated to Actisaf® production in Russia

Lesaffre officially opened on Thursday, June 23rd 2016 a new facility dedicated to the production of Actisaf live yeast at Voronezh Drojjie production plant in Russia. This Actisaf production plant is the second one in the World.

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Ennolys’ natural aroma set to conquest the international market

Based in Soustons in south-west France, Ennolys is developing an extensive range of natural aromatic molecules, including vanillin, which it produces naturally by fermentation. The company now hopes to become an international benchmark.

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"Le Pain" in words : the sensory lexicon for crusty bread

Matured wheat aroma, cracker crust, French toasts, gummy texture…sensory vocabulary can often be confusing for baking professionals. Renowned for their sensory expertise, Lempa* and Lesaffre have revealed the much-anticipated booklet ‘Bread word for word’.

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The Farm : Phileo's concrete response to future global challenges

One year ago, Phileo launched The Farm, a platform dedicated to scientific expertise for the sake of animals and their health. Jean-Philippe Marden, its director, tells us more on this initiative.

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All about yeast

Yeast, yeast extracts, microorganisms…
are life!

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